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10 Bosu Ball Exercises

Posted by nikh

10 Bosu Ball Exercises

Got yourself a Bosu and don’t know what to do with it? Or are you thinking of a versatile, useful workout equipment to buy for your home gym? Here are 10 intermediate to advanced level exercises you can do with the Bosu Ball.

 1.  HIIT side-side jumps with Bosu

bosu workout

Function of the Exercise:

  • Improves agility (try doing this as fast as possible).
  • Great for warm-up and as metabolic finishers.
  • Great substitute for usual “cardio”

2. Standard Bosu Ab Workout: Ab cycles

bosu ab workout

This is not crunch. Instead of crunching, focus on twisting at the obliques. The bosu ball is enough to make you want to crunch. Straighten your legs as far as you can for challenge. Function of the Exercise:

  • Works on building strong abs.
  • Helps improve mobility of the spine through rotation.

3. Bosu Box Jump Exerise

bosu cardio workout

Function of the Exercise:

  • Works on building strength in the legs. .
  • Helps improve mobility through speed and balance
  • Very good exercise for endurance training.

4.  Bosu Plank Exercise (Advanced)

bosu plank exercise

Function of the Exercise:

  • Hold on to the plank position to strengthen the core muscles.
  • Moving to the arms to a press-up and down positions adds challenge to strengthen the wrists.
  • Done correctly (with hips levelled as possible to floor) this exercise is a great full-body strength workout.

5. Bosu Push-ups

bosu push up workout

Function of the Exercise:

  • Upper body strength exercise, with added challenge of balance.

6. Bosu Squats

  bosu squat

You can do this squat exercise on the bosu inverted or right-side up.  The challenge of doing this squat is to keep the back straight, hence the ‘prisoner’ hand position seems to work. Also, the knees may pull to front of the toes because of rotation of the bosu, that is ok, provided you butt is pulled as far back as you can. Function of the Exercise:

  • Lower body strength exercise, with added challenge of balance.

7. Back to front step-up bosu exercise.

bosu step up

7a. Side Step up Bosu Exercise

bosu workout

Function of the Exercise:

  • Works on greatly improving balance.
  • Strengthens the muscles around the ankles (very effective), knees and hips.

Do this exercise slowly for added challenge. 8. Bosu Wood-Chop Around-the-world Combo Exercise bosu workout cardio

Do this with any kind of small-weighted object or none at all.

Function of the Exercise:

  • Strengthens the oblique ab muscles and back muscles .
  • Opens up the shoulders, improving flexibility.
  • Strengthens the legs (especially ankles and calves).
  • Improves balance.

9. Burpee with Bosu


The bosu is quite heavy, and it’s wide grip challenges the muscles on the shoulder and back. Function of the Exercise:

  • A metabolic workout to burn calories and improve endurance
  • Strength training for the upper body and core muscles.

10. Advanced Bosu burpees

bosu burpee workout

This workout combines the burpee, and press-up. Works everything. Incorporating all the exercise in one workout may not be necessary. You can get full body, endurance, strength or HIIT doing combinations of these.