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8 Best Bodyweight Exercises you can do at Home

Posted by nikh

Jeff Cavalier’s recent video is really helpful. It’s pollen season and working out outdoors is pretty difficult at the moment. Working out at home is the thing to do now. There are advantages to this… for one thing, you can wear anything (or nothing) you like while working out. The greatest advantage of home workouts is the chance to get things done in short time with maximum effectiveness.

The 8 Bodyweight Exercises:

1. Pull-ups

Pull ups and variations of pull ups. Pull ups are really the best bodyweight workouts for the entire upper body. All you need to have in the home is a pull up bar. These come in very cheap varieties like the door frame pull up bars, or wall mounted pull up bars (anchored to the walls).  


8_Best_Bodyweight_Exercises_Ever_HIT_EVERY_MUSCLEVariation of the pull up to work on biceps and chest muscles:


2. Chin-up

Get your core worked up by combining chin up with leg raise:


3.  The Slick Floor Bridge Curl

This is one for the lower body, especially the back of the legs. Lie on the floor, drag your feet towards the back-side as seen. Wear socks on smooth floor surface. If you do not have smooth floor, you may try using this ab wheel.


4.  The Levitation Squat (leading to pistol Squat)


5. Dive Bombers

This exercise works not only the muscles of the shoulders and arms, it also provides stretch when done correctly. 8_Best_Bodyweight_Exercises_Ever_HIT_EVERY_MUSCLE-5

6. Mule Kicks

This exercise is incredibly demanding. Just remember to put all your load onto the upper body while kicking. 8_Best_Bodyweight_Exercises_Ever_HIT_EVERY_MUSCLE-6 (1)

7. Kick Through Burpees

This is a variation of a burpee, combined with a sit-throughs.  Intense exercise for heart-pumping action. 8_Best_Bodyweight_Exercises_Ever_HIT_EVERY_MUSCLE-7

8. The Front lever

This is a very advanced move. I can advise beginners to substitute this with a plank or reverse push up. 8_Best_Bodyweight_Exercises_Ever_HIT_EVERY_MUSCLE-8

I hope this article inspires you to get moving. For another version of home workout read : Fat Blasting Workouts for the Living Room: Are You A Couch-Potato? Here are some workouts just for you!.