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Animal Walks and other Deck Exercises

Posted by nikh

Here are some fun and very challenging exercises for working out outdoors. They are full-body workouts. The crawling exercises are also core stabilizing. These exercises are challenging, but fun. In my opinion, more fun than going to the gym. Most of the exercises are bodyweight exercises, except for the last few which uses a 20lb sandbag.
The workout shown above is actually done about 1.5x slower than shown. The best results come when you control your movement rather than going too fast. As you can see, I had a bit of struggle with the inchworm. Breakdown of the workout:

#1. Burpee and broad jump

animal walk workout

#2. The Gecko (or Alligator walk)

animal walk workout

#3. The Inchworm

animal walk workout

#4. The Chimp

animal walk workout

#5. The Frog

animal walk workout

#6. Jump and Kick

animal walk workout

#7. Side side squats

animal walk workout

#8.  Walking Lunges

animal walk workout

#9. Crab walk

animal walk crab

#10. Sandbag lift and press

animal walk sandbag

#11. Sandbag drag (forward)

animal walk sandbag drag

#12. Sandbag drag (sidewards)

animal walk sandbag drag side