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Best Bodyweight Workouts for Women: and they are great for men too

Posted by nikh

We’ll always have ideas for workouts as long as there are talented people to share them. Here is a video entitled “44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever for Women”. We can thank people like Leigh Lowery for taking the effort to post videos like this. Questions we may ask: Why are these exercises good for women? These are great because they are strength building exercises. Women need to build muscle. Each exercise in the video is a strength building workout. They are also compound moves that work the entire body as a unit. Unlike men, women tend to work out wrong. Their emphasis lay too heavily on fat burning, and they think cardio exercises burn fat. This idea is wrong, and Leigh is one of many women who will tell you this: “Build muscle first! The fat will go by itself.” Will strength training make me bulky? Look at the lady in the video. Is she bulky like an out-of-shape hulk woman? No.  Muscle building through compound exercises will build your muscle density most of all. This means that your muscles will get heavy. You will not get out-of-shape, freaky bulky like this. Freaky body builders get that way because they take supplemental drugs like steroids. How can building muscle help me burn fat? There is a long explanation for this, and you can find the answer in my book, or articles in this blog.  In short, muscle cells are energy consumers, like power generators. They need fuel just to stay alive. The more muscle cells you have the more energy calories your body consumes all day — even when you sleep. The exercises look very advanced. I can’t do them. How? There is no secret formula to being able to do these exercises. It is a good thing to have exercises that you can work towards. The best trainers in the world always seek challenging exercises that they cannot do, and progress towards them. You can do several things in order to be able to do these exercises:

  • Buy a good weight training exercise book. My favorite is Lou Shuler’s Lift Like A Man.[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1583333398″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”128″]
  • Engage a personal trainer who can help you. It is pricey, but it is worth it.
  • Buy an exercise program like :
  • Try them on your own. If you cannot do a move,  seek easier moves and build from there. If you are very weak, just try to do burpees, squats and press-ups. Those are all you need to master before moving on to more advanced workouts.

Read also: One Best Exercise Anyone Can Do – To Lose Weight, Gain Muscles, and Move Better and Zuzka Light’s ZWOW AMRAP – Best of Workout Videos. Do I need to do all the exercise in one workout? Not at all. You should do 6 or less. How many reps should I do of each exercise? You can vary your reps as long as it is challenging enough for you.  You should take 6 exercises and make a workout plan with them. Read: Make Exercise Interesting with Different Workout plans Choose exercises that work different part of the body in each session. Each session should be quick and intense, and should not last more than 30 mins. How frequent should my workouts be? It depends on the individual. With strength training, the rest days are important. If you have challenged your body very hard, you need 1-2 days complete rest to rebuild your muscles. I have and Endomorph body type. Will it help me lose weight? All body types – endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph — will benefit from strength training exercises. If you do these bodyweight exercises explosively as interval training or HIIT, it will be a very effective fat burner. Is this workout suitable for men? Certainly. This title “workout for women” thing is a gimmick to get women to listen. The rules are the same for everybody, and the exercises are the same too.