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Burpee Variation Workout: 10 Advanced burpee variations for very intense bodyweight-only HIIT workout

Posted by nikh

Burpee Variation Workout: 10 Advanced burpee variations for very intense bodyweight-only HIIT workout

Burpees are bodyweight exercises that can make an entire workout.  The basic burpee moves are good enough to give you  a cardio + strength + endurance boost. What makes burpees so challenging? The quick horizontal-vertical movement of the burpee adds added cardio challenge because every time the torso shifts position from one to another, the entire cardiovascular system engages.  High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular workout strategy today, because it is fast and builds full physical fitness in a short time. HIIT is also very intense if you’re doing it right. If the workout does not make you totally exhausted, you’re probably doing strength or cross training or cardio, and not HIIT. HIIT demands fast tempo, and full release of energy. For advanced burpee moves, you can set your exercise timer to 45 seconds work /15 secs rest. During the work interval, do as many reps of the exercise as you can. Advance burpee variation exercise instruction gifs: 1. Burpee + Jump Lunges burpee-jump-lunges 2. Burpee + Dive Bomber push-ups burpee-dive-bomber-2 3. Burpee + Back Roll Exercise burpee-backroll When rolling backwards, kick your legs up to till hips lift off. 4. Burpee + Crocodile push ups burpee-crocodile-push-ups 5. Burpee + Press-ups burpee-push-up 6. Burpee + Roll + Knee Hug Crunch burpee-roll-crunch 7. Side-side Burpee + Side Plank burpee-side-plank 8. Burpee + Sit-through Exercise burpee-sit-through 9. Burpee + Triple Tuck Jumps burpee-triple-tuck-jump-smaller 10.  Single-Legged Burpee single-legged-burpee How to incorporate these into your workout routines? There are 2 ways:

  1. Do exercises in intervals using a workout timer. Set the timer to 45 secs work / 15 secs rest and do up t0 12 minutes worth of workout.
  2. Choose 5 exercises, do 20 reps of each exercise.

These are full body-weight workouts, with no need for anything. They are ideal workout ideas in times when equipment / space is not available. You can workout anywhere. Remember: HIIT is not for everybody. If you’re un-fit, please do these exercise more mindfully, preferably with a trainer.

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