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Burpees, High Knees, TRX Suspension Pull ups: Interval Training, full-body workout Routine

Posted by nikh

Burpees, High Knees, TRX Suspension Pull ups: Interval Training, full-body workout Routine

Try this workout, which includes the following 6 exercises. All you need for this workout is a Suspension trainer like the TRX or any similar product. If you do not have these, do the workout, nevertheless without them. Set the Interval Timer: to 50 seconds work / 10 secs rest,  for 3 rounds per exercise (or more if you can.) Do 3 sets consecutively of the same exercise, and take one minute break in between each exercise. The idea is to allow the muscles to feel the burn  from doing the exercises in consecutive sets. The one minute break is necessary to recover, so that you can do the next exercise with full power. This workout will take about 21 minutes. Workout Routine:

1. High Knees (for warm up). 3 sets 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest. high-knees   Tuck the knees as high towards the chest as possible.

2. Suspended Push-ups 3 sets 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest.trx-push-ups   Do regular push-ups on the floor if you do not have a TRX or suspension trainer. Alternatively you can use a chair (put your feet on a chair) to do decline push-ups for extra challenge. In general, regular push-ups are good enough. 3. Jump Squats  3 sets 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest. jump-squats   Make it low impact and jump only a little. If jumping is too tough, pulse squat, or do as many squats as you can. You do not have to squat all the way down, just keep your back as straight as you can and look up. 4. Oblique pull-ups on suspension trainer 3 set with each arm alternating : 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest.  (total 6 sets) TRX-single-arm-pull   This exercise requires a suspension trainer like the TRX. This is very good full  body exercise: it works the obliques if you pack the shoulders down and use the abs to power your body up. If you do not have suspension trainer, do the following ab exercise: Scissors leg lift. scissors   5. Burpees Finisher 3 sets (or more) 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest. This is  a finisher, therefore do as many rounds as necessary (min. 3 rounds) to end the workout completely “finished”. burpees1 The workout gifs are just quick guides to the exercises you can do yourself.  If you are new to exercise, do engage professionals to help you. It is a safe way to start, and you’re more likely to benefit more from your efforts.

Don’t have a Suspension Trainer?

If you’re thinking of getting a suspension trainer, there are many brands available online. Do have a look at Amazon, which I think is a good place to see the reviews of the different options available.