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Effective 12 minute upper body workout HIIT bodyweight training

Posted by nikh

Scott Herman’S recent workout routine is simple to follow, yet very quick and effective to build upper body strength. If you’re spinning alot, for example, you may need to balance the strength on your shoulders,chest, biceps, triceps andthe forearms. Breakdown of this HIIT routine: Set timer 20 secs work / 10 secs rest — for 6 rounds Close-Grip Bench Dip The usual bench dip, but with the palm of the hands together.


Elevated Cross-Body Mountain Climber Wall walk type of mountain climbers add weight to the shoulders and abs. mountain climber advanced

Decline Wide-Stance Push-Up

decline wide push up

Plank Up-Down

plank-up-down As will all HIIT routines, it is about doing as many reps as possible during the 20 sec interval. This means that the tempo is important. You should be doing the first reps so fast that the last 5 seconds become a burn. This is why real HIIT exercises are relatively simple in moves, but tough to do. View details and instruction in the video and subscribe to Scott’s youtube channel.