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Exercises to Strengthen your Abs and Core Muscles: Prevents back pain

Posted by nikh

Whether physically active or not, most of us today will have issues with core strength — or the lack of it.  The consequence of weak core is back pain, injury, falls and deterioration of posture. This usually happens as we age. Ironically, this kind of deterioration occurs earlier with people who are “physically active” — people who play recreational sports, or endurance exercise like running. Why our core strength weakens with age is due to these factors:

  1. The natural tendency of our body to reduce the production of growth hormones with time. Loss in growth hormones production reduces the body’s capacity to regenerate new muscle tissue quickly and completely.
  2. Modern day poor diet rich in refined carbohydrate induces insulin production in the blood. Insulin has an inhibitory effect on growth hormones.
  3. Muscle deterioration — in the case of individuals who do excessive endurance exercise and sports.


Direct Core Building Exercises

Here are 6 exercises that will help you maintain strength in your core directly. These are simple exercises that you can do as a warm-down at the end of the workout. Bodyweight TRX AB wheel

Compound Exercises that work the Core

These exercises are work other parts of the body. You will add strength to your core muscles when you activate you core consciously while doing these exercises. Activating your core  also gives you proper form while you do these exercises. Bodyweight TRX Dumbbells Cable press

Equipment and Books for Core Strengthening