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How Hard Should I Exercise for My Workouts to Be Effective?

Posted by nikh

We’ve been talking about intensity of exercises. Workouts should be intense to be effective for fast fat loss and muscle building. How hard should you exercise? There are basically 2 types of workouts that will give you the lean body you seek. That is Strength Training workout and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The best way to understand what it means to workout intensely for HIIT to be effective is to watch a real time workout video.

It does not matter how fit or unfit you are, if you exercise with the intent to push hard, you will see improvement in your strength and fitness. For physique, the more unfit you are, the more effective your exercise will seem. This is because the first pounds of excess weight sheds away quickly. Experienced exercisers will not see much change in their bodies, but that is because they are already at a level of almost optimum health.  Besides, your body composition is influenced largely by diet. Back to the exercise video.  Zuzka self talks to get herself into the zone during exercise. It is useful to her that she has production crew and the idea that she is broadcasting the video to egg her on. The workouts are, nevertheless, challenging for her.

How to Get into the Zone

Practice. People of some personality types find it easier to motivate themselves into working full out. It is not easy for many people who just want decent results from their efforts. Here are some things you can try to help you challenge yourself:

  1. Plan your workout before starting the session. Write it on a piece of paper.  This will help you stick to a small goal.
  2. Watch workout DVDs or online videos. These inspire you.
  3. Focus on your exercise. Try to avoid having music or people distract you. Concentrate on putting your best effort.
  4. When tempted to quit, modify the moves (like Zuzka did in the video), and stay in position.
  5. Try self-hypnosis to help you get exercise motivation and get into the zone during exercise.

Exercise within means. Be realistic about what you can do. Over-ambitious workout routines will only harm you, not make you better. Remember what you want to achieve out of your workout… it could be fat loss, health, and fitness(?) and injury and de-motivation is not part of the deal. After intense exercise session, take a couple of days off to recover. Exercise is the body stressed and bruised. Recovery time is necessary for rejuvenation and fat loss.

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