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Intense Fat-burning 12 minute workout routine: Strengthens legs and abs!

Posted by nikh

Intense Fat-burning 12 minute workout routine: Strengthens legs and abs!

This is a quick, intense workout which is especially effective for anyone who feels the need to let off a lot of energy in a short time. This workout not only serves to burn fat, but has the added function of enhancing mobility. Try the exercises and feel the challenge to put the body in balance and feel the stretch. This workout can be done in 3 ways, choose one:

  1. With a timer. Set the clock to intervals of 50 sec work and 10 seconds rest. Do the exercise in sequence (1-2-3-4) until the 12 mins is over. Do each sequence as fast as you can to get as many reps in as possible.
  2. Without a timer. Do 15 reps (on each side) per exercise. Do 3 to 5 rounds. Do them fast or slow, you’ll get a different result.
  3. Set your stopwatch to 12, and do the second exercise till the buzzer stops. Try to get as many reps in as possible.

Exercise 1: Burpees  This can be a warm up exercise.  Do 3 rounds of this consecutively or until you’ve warmed up. Exercise 2: Alternating lunges (weight is optional) Remember in lunges to keep balance using your core muscles. This round can be the “slow round” where you catch your breath, but hold your entire body tight!



Exercise 3: 180 Twist jump wood chop combo This exercise requires full body coordination. Use of weight is optional. It’s cool to try doing this without stumbling, then you know you’re activating your obliques. It is not uncommon that after doing this exercise, your core muscles will ache. 180-twist-woodchop

Exercise 4: Sit throughs This is an excellent exercise for mobility. Also use your core muscles!


Once you’ve completed the workout, I hope you can feel your legs and abs, as promised. This is one of my favourite routines, because I can feel it’s effects 24 hours after the workout, which allows me to spend the next day in recovery mode, or doing upper body strength work. This workout needs minimal equipment, and can be done without any. To make the workout more strength -heavy, you may consider using the following ad-ons: