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Mobility Training is More Important than Just Any Kind of Exercise

Posted by nikh

Here are some good advice I am taking from my favorite mobility trainer, Ido PortalWe are as old as our ability to move.  Ido says, movement is nutrition. When there is lack of movement, we lose the ability to learn new movement, become uncoordinated.  The key is to re-introduce new movement into the exercise. there are many entry points to the world of movement. We can start anywhere. The key is just to start. Progress from small movements and then go forward to more complex movements as you get better at it.

Do a variety of movement, take part in different activities. Build a movement vocabulary.

Specialization vs. Generalization

Generalization is a lateral development, developing the self not too deeply but across many different fields and abilities and skill sets. Specialization is vertical development, deep in one subject. Knowing more and more about less and less until you know everything about nothing. Human beings evolved by starting out as generalists. Sports involves specialization, and this is not better than being just okay in a variety of movements. Generalist adapt better to adverse conditions.

Movement vs. Training

Movement can be done anytime anywhere. It is experimental, flexible and can be improvised, and integrated into daily activities.  “Movement” carries a different mindset. The progression is done without pushing the envelope all the time. Exercising by counting”Reps and Sets” can be useful. It is a good tool and represents the classic, linear measurement of progress in your workouts. But there is also the romantic way… like yoga. Yoga mats can be limiting. Like a box,  it confines and delineates our movement. Cushioning makes the body soft (weak). Likewise for footwear, and compression clothing overly supportive gear affects our movement.

Don’t wrap your joints with elastic bands, wrap your joints in exercise.

Moving out of alignment

Human beings evolved from diverse terrain. We should be able to move through this terrain. Improper alignment of the body happens as we move through the wilderness. At some point or another you will be faced with being out of alignment. You’ll have to cope with that. Going out of alignment builds all tissues; not only muscles: including tendons, ligaments, etc.

The natural human resting position

Squatting is natural resting position. It helps our digestion. It is a full compression of the human body. Conditioning the tissues to compress and extending out.

Flexibility vs. Mobility

Mobility is not just moving. It can be supported moves, assisted… Strength, stabilizing, even flexibility. Ranges of motion will be lost if not used in your daily life.

Spine longevity — look to the cat

With the hands we manipulate (need range and complexity to move and articulate), with the legs we loco-mote (need range of motion, balance, strength, endurance), with the spine we organize the body in space (need to mobilization in all direction first not fixated on stabilization).

Prioritize movement

Just move, make movement a big part of your life. For entire podcast of this interview, go to