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Power Rope, Battle Rope Exercises: Full Body Workout In a Single Move

Posted by nikh

Power Rope, Battle Rope Exercises: Full Body Workout In a Single Move

Maybe you have see this in crossfit workout videos: battle ropes. Some call it power rope, or undulation rope or strength rope. What this simply is, is a 1.5″ (more or less, varied) thick nylon rope about 40ft  long. In crossfit games, the ropes are used for climbing up on. In this blog, we shall take a look at other functional training exercises that can be done with this rope.  Most of the workout seen here, the rope is stationed on the floor, folded in half, with it’s centre held firmly to the ground. The best way to demonstrate the use of this rope in your workout routine are with workout videos below.

Battle Rope Exercise Technique

In all workouts shown there follows good form:

  • Keep your core tight.
  • Pull your shoulders back (don’t shrug).
  • Keep your spine straight (don’t hunch).
  • Use your entire body if necessary.
  • Keep knees soft and slightly bent (as per instruction).

Benefits of Battle Rope Exercises

The exercises are tougher than they look on video. These are really must-trys. What I find interesting when using these ropes is that you have to work hard and fast for the rope to keep moving in the wave. The rope simply would not allow you to slack. The rope is also very heavy. Doing arm isolating undulations are a challenge, and definitely will build the upper body real good.

Workout Routines Videos

Don’t forget to visit the site of these guys if you find the workout useful. 5 Main Undulation Rope Exercises – actually these are all you need to do for that full body workout. 0:35 Single wave – explosive motion. Use the entire body to slam the ropes onto the floor. 1:25 Double wave (both hands alternating movement) — this is more work on the arms. 1:55 Side wave 2:29 Skydiver – belly to floor (very challenging) 3:15 Circular movement – single handed This is a montage of different power rope exercises.

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