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Resistance Band Workouts: builds core strength, define abs, and weight loss

Posted by nikh

Resistance Band Workouts: builds core strength, define abs, and weight loss

Resistance bands can be the most effective workout equipment ever. They’re the most portable because of their small size and almost negligible weight. They can be used almost anywhere because they do not need to be anchored to anything. They are effective because the resistance the bands provide is comparable to weights. One drawback to resistance bands, unlike Kettlebells, is that they do not look exciting enough for people to use them. If you thing about it, there is really much more you can do with less weight to carry around using the bands then the Kettlebell. Resistance bands workouts are best complements to bodyweight training. You use the bands for strength training, HIIT workouts, functional training for sports, and also for stretching/physio-therapeutic exercises and yoga. Resistance band offer more than just resistance through weight. Weights like dumbbell and kettlebells pull the body down in one direction through gravity. Resistance band exercises facilitates body rotation in infinite angles. When anchored to doors or poles, you can use the bands to twist your abs, focussing on individual core muscles.

Intensifying the Squat


Resistance Band looped around the waist adds a challenge when doing squats or jog-on-spots (high knees).  The band resists by pulling the body to the side. As you squat,you’ll need to use the core muscles to resist being pulled sidewards.

Wood Chop Exercise You Can Do Anywhere


Shoulder Overhead Press with Resistance Band

This exercise is more challenging than it looks because the body needs to balance the bands which has the tendency to snap back. resistance-band-workout

Isolating the Muscles in the Arm (while strengthening abs!)

Bicep and Obliques Triceps and Back
resistance-band-bicep-workout resistance-band-triceps-workout

Are Resistance Band exercises effective for weight loss? Certainly. Try these workout routines.Here are some video demonstrations for resistance band workouts.

Functional Resistance Band Workout you can do with a partner


Functional HIIT with Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands and Books