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Spinning? Stationary Exercise Bike, Burpees, Walking Planks for Full Body Workout Routine

Posted by nikh

Spinning? Stationary Exercise Bike, Burpees, Walking Planks for Full Body Workout Routine

Here is a w0rkout routine you can do with your flywheel stationary exercise bike.  Stationary bikes are great for cardio-style exercises. They are great for the exercise beginner, but using the bikes alone has its limitations. Refer to my earlier article on Exercise Stationary Bikes. One main drawback in using only stationary bikes for exercise is the absence of upper body workout. Therefore I suggest this workout routine which we can make use of the exercise bike and get an upper body workout as well. There are 2 alternate phases in this exercise: three 5-minute HIIT sets on the bike, alternating with bodyweight exercise off the bike. This is how it’s done. Set your workout timer to 5 rounds of 45 secs work / 15 secs rest. Part 1 : Spinning on position 1 On the Spin or flywheel bike, in moderate resistance, cycle as fast as you can in the 45 sec interval. Rest, then repeat f

or five rounds.

Part 2 : Body-weight exercise  Get off the bike and on to the mat. Do 3 sets of burpee push-ups. Weights are optional. Do not use a timer. Instead, make the reps slow and precise. The slower you are, the more the muscles work.

   Part 3 : Spinning on position 2 Get back on the bike, move the resistance up to moderate-high, stand-run. Remember, to lift you butt off the seat, straighten the back. Focus on relaxing the shoulders. Do not rest on your arms. Let the legs do all the work. cycle workout Part 4 : Body-weight exercise Get off the bike. No timer used. This exercise is meant to work your triceps and chest. Follow the moves, and remember to keep the body low to the ground. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each. If this move is too difficult, do tricep dips. Part 5 : Spinning on position 3 Get on the bike again. Get into first position and spin legs. Increase resistance till legs slow down. Lift your butt off the seat and simultaneously move your hands to the third position as shown. Focus on relaxing the shoulders and arms. spinning workout Part 6 : Body-weight exercise: plank Get off the bike. By now you should be exhausted. Hold the plank for as long as you possibly can. Rest for a minute, and repeat. Do 3 sets. Alternatively, you’d want to do a walking plank : 3 sets of 10. Hold at the plank position for a few seconds. plank workout  And you’re done!