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The Best Body-Weight Workouts using a Wall

Posted by nikh

The Best Body-Weight Workouts using a Wall

No gym? No equipment? Here are some very effective muscle-building, fat burning exercises you can do with only a wall and your body-weight. Why use the wall? Because there are walls everywhere. If they are there, use it. Okay, we might end up messing up the walls… so what, if it is a fitness prop that can make you stronger and leaner — and healthier? Do you need more? Here are some really great bodyweight workouts.

Wall Sitting Exercises

wall-exerciseThis is a simple, yet butt-burning exercise. Sit with your back against the wall. Place your legs at right angle to your body, and hold still. Make this exercise more complex by marching your feet. The challenge is to keep the body still. It the image I had a problem with that because the mat was slipping under my feet. Wearing shoes will help with stability.
wall-sit-exerciseA variation of this exercise is shown below, using a swiss-ball, and moving slowly up and down with hands raised. Why we do this exercise? To strengthen the muscles in the thighs and butt. Make this exercise more effective by focusing on these muscles as you hold still or move very slowly. Keep in the seated position for as long as you possibly can.

Plank Exercises using the Wall


Planks are notoriously effective for creating stronger core muscles. Use the wall as a target point to reach towards. This reaching movement challenges the core to stabilize as one arm lifts off and points forward. What’s the challenge of this exercise? Reach out as far as you possibly can. Try your utmost to keep the core still.  Keep the rocking to a minimum. Slowness is the key. Don’t try to rush for reps.

 Wall Walking Exercise

This is the ultimate upper body workout. The entire process works the shoulders, all the muscles in the arms and fore-arms. You strengthen your wrists. When you’re almost fully extended, stay in that “hand-stand” position and feel your upper back muscles engage. Start belly down and walk with your hands. Feet walk up the wall and walk down again.Putting it All Together