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The Bruce Lee Workout Philosophy: How to effectively workout to gain Strength and Power

Posted by nikh

Professional physical trainer Jeff Cavaliere speaks of Bruce Lee’s philosophy on strength training. Whether you are a professional athlete, or not, it is worth reading this. It could make a difference in how effective your workouts will be.

Bruce Lee, is an icon of strength, power and endurance.

“Tension Creates Control”
Use tension to your advantage. Jeff explains that when we do any exercise, you get optimal results when you use your entire body for the move. Do not allow parts of the body to slack. The slack leaks out energy, and reduces your power.

When you tense up your entire body, you can transfer the energy from your entire body to the extremities.

“Connect Mind with Muscle”

The iso-tension Principle. Jeff explains how to isometrically create muscle tension after a set of push up exercises. This is an example of using your mind to actively tense up the muscles.

“Lift What You Can Actually Lift”

Keep in control by lifting weights you are capable of lifting. Do not over exert or lift excessively heavy weights for the sake of lifting heavier. Let your muscles decide what you can lift.

“Abs Should be Like Steel”

Jeff believes the abs can be worked out every day. Keep the abs strong and the core will stay stable. When working out, always consciously tighten your abs as if you are bracing your core.

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“Importance of Recovery”
Sleep, and rest days are important to actually allow the muscles to rebuild and recover.

This recovery process is so necessary, and this is coupled with adequate nutrition. Without rest and nutrition, exercise can actually bring less good and more harm.


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