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Zuzka Light’s 2014 New Year Free 100 Rep Workout

Posted by nikh

This free workout could possibly inspire you to start the New Year working out at home. Zuzka Light’s free ZWOW 100 is challenging because all the moves are compound, full-body exercises. What I like about this workout routine is that these are all bodyweight exercises. No equipment needed, except for a yoga mat. There are 10 exercises to be done 10 reps each. Breakdown of this workout is as so:

Toe touch burpee If too difficult : do a roll, stand up, and do a burpee.

workout gif

Roll back pistol squats If too difficult : do a roll, stand up, and do a normal squat.

workout gif

Kick -through / Pushup If too difficult : do a push up and mountain climbers.

workout gif

Ninja jump tucks If too difficult : do a tuck jumps or jumping jacks.  Ab Splitters If too difficult : do it slowly :). workout gif

Jump tuck & pistol squats If too difficult : Use a chair. Sit and stand on one leg.
workout gif

Kick up into breakdance pushups If too difficult : do kick ups slowly

workout gif .

Jump squat & side kicks If too difficult : do a normal squats or lunges and side kick if possible.

If you can’t do side kick, do stretching exercises after workout.

workout gif

Dive bomber push up &  burpees If too difficult : do dive bomber push ups or normal push ups, and one leg hops separately. workout gif  

“Hand Release” Push up to one leg jump

This is the full video. Do check out Zuzka’s ZGym, which is a paid subscription service.

These exercises are advanced. If you find yourself unable to do any or all of these, it’s perfectly normal. Simply use this video as inspiration. You may make it as resolution to learn how to do some of these exercises. Meanwhile, what you can do today is to start with doing squats, push-ups and burpees separately, or in combination.

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