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ZWOW Time Challenge Workout Videos

Posted by nikh

How to use the videos: If you are fit enough, try to follow them. If you are unfit, try to follow them too. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to workout like Zuzka one day. That day will come when you just try try try. By then, you would have lost a load of pounds too.

1.  ZWOW 34 Time Challenge – Beg For It To End

This is a great one for strength building. All the workouts are conventional body building exercises to work the legs arms and abs. As fast as possible, 3 rounds of: 20 squat hops 20 bent over rows 20 walking lunges 20 plank pulls Equipment needed for this workout is a pair of dumbbells. Depending on your fit level, use 10-15lb each for the first three exercises and a Dumbbellfor the plank pull. You may also use a Ultimate Sandbag for this exercise.

2.  ZWOW 41 Time Challenge – Work That Booty If you work out as fast as possible on this, you scorch a lot of excess fat. The other move I think is very good is the “doggie leg swing push up. It is different and works the hip rotation movement. Did not realize how stiff I was till I tried to do it properly. That move is also great strength training for the shoulders As fast as possible, 3 rounds of: 10x burpee to chair step up 10x row and twist 10x prisoner squat jump 10x doggie leg swing + push up You need a chair and a heavy dumbbell (about 10-20 lbs for most) for this workout.

3.  ZWOW 62 The Best Butt Workout – 12 minute Time Challenge

The kettlebell is a nice piece of equipment to have because you can swing it. Kettlebell swings look easy but when you use a heavy weight, you’ll be able to feel your entire core way round the abs. Remember in kettlebell swinging to flip the hips. As fast as possible, 3 rounds of: 10x burpee 10x kettlebell swings 20x Jump lunges 10x single leg deadlift (per leg) The equipment you need is a heavy Kettbell. I think it should be more than 25lbs (best about 30lbs).

4. ZWOW 39 Time Challenge – MAX Limit This one is more plyometric. You can do this very fast for a super cardio workout. Burn fat. The repetitive nature of this workout is good for building muscle speed and tone. Side hops are ideal when you need rev up your metabolism. As fast as possible, 3 rounds of: 50x side hops (each side) 10x spider plank (each side) 20x jump hops (each side) 10x lunge press (each side) Equipment needed is one moderately heavy dumbbell.

5.  ZWOW 22 Time Challenge Burpee Special  This ZWOW is different from the rest because of the way it is set. The game is to stop every minute on the minute to do 4 burpees. It is fun. Breakdown is like this: 30 Chair jumps 30 chair push ups 30 tricep dips 30 sumo squat jumps 30 rdl squat twists Remember 4 burpees on the minute! Do this workout as fast as you can unless you want to do more burpees !

6. ZWOW 44 Time Challenge – Thanksgiving Throwdown!! This workout has moves to work the obliques by doing wood chops and ab twists. Do 3 rounds as fast as possible: 15x squat jumps 10x leg lift burpee 15x woodchop lunge 20x twisted sit up Equipment needed is a moderate sized weight. It can be a dumbbell but I like also to use a Medicine Ball for wood chop and twists. The holding grip can be more challenging especially with a heavy ball.

7. ZWOW 52 Time Challenge – Lean Body Workout 30x competition burpees with knee hugs — my favorite part of this video! 3 rounds of these: 10x wall stand with push up 20 8lb weighted jump squat 10 row knee tuck 10 jump lunge side kick If you aren’t able to do the wall stand, either wall walk or do mule kicks. Equipment needed is a pair of 8lb dumbbells.

8. ZWOW 50 Time Challenge – New Year’s Resolution Workout

This workout has 5 rounds to complete. More challenging than meets the eye. 5 rounds of 10x high knees on chair 10x step up leg lift 10x plank step over 10x chair jumps 10x side step burpees Equipment needed is a chair.